featuring unique gifts. each with their own story. 

everything you want and didn't know you need. cards, candles, books, irreverence and ephemera. 

twine. was an idea brewing in the distant reaches of melissa's brain. she gathered things at auctions and flea markets, thinking 'oh, if i ever open a store this would be great for...' and thus her collection of wooden boxes, old painted stools, flashcards, pencils, scrabble tiles, labels, books and more grew. but not until 2011 did someone ask her, WHEN? they also asked her how old she was and although she isn't fond of the phrase, "light bulb moment", she clearly had one. her impulsivity and spontaneity ignited, she called a friend who just happened to be a realtor and by that evening, a beautiful july night, she found twine's. first home. she took that opportunity to purchase the large moleskine that she always wanted, to open a store that truly focuses on her customers with unique products, an open studio and outdoor events. 

in january 2014, melissa's son, rhyder, an artist from the time he was old enough to glue his first cotton ball on a piece of construction paper, decided to move back to nj. art school and years in retail made him the perfect addition. he brought a spark and inspiration to the store. he certainly left his mark on twine.