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When Melissa was 5 years old, in 1959, she worked in her father's bookstore answering the phone and trying to use a big old fashioned cash register.  She learned how to count back change at a very young age. Fast forward to nine years ago, Melissa, rather impulsively, decided it was time to be a shopkeeper.  she knew she wanted it to be someplace that made people feel good and that reflected her eclectic, random sensibilities. A place to find great stuff that you don't see everywhere...displayed without a slat-wall in sight. 

Keeping the business in the family, first came niece, Rachael, who helped with the shop. 

Then came Rhyder, Melissa's son.  He ran the place and brought his own irreverence and creativity to make twine. even more special. 

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Ready for a change (Melissa was too!)  Bailey, Melissa's daughter, joined twine. in 2017. With a great sense of popular culture, an incredible attention to detail (her right brain is as strong as Melissa's is weak) and an energy that brightens the store, Bailey, helped launch  li'l twine. and keeps it filled with the best baby goods, books, toys, soothers...etc.  


And here we are, in 2022, and now the shop is Bailey's.  After graduating from Smith College, with a passion for animals, she worked at a rescue in Connecticut and then moved back to NJ. She spent years working for a veterinary practice doing everything from being a receptionist, a vet tech, and an inventory manager.  The best thing about working there was a snowstorm.   Not wanting to leave animals at the hospital during a blizzard, she volunteered to take one of the dogs home and she never brought him back.   And that is how Stanley came to be a part of the family.He is absolutely the best store dog ever.


Bailey has shifted twine. over the years to a shop filled with more color, activism and pop culture but has always maintained Melissa's signature twine. aesthetic. As a queer self proclaimed "nerd", Bailey loves to share to her vibrant, optimistic view on life with a side dish of the classic twine. snark.  

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She also established an ongoing and wonderful relationship with the nonprofit I Support The Girls. We are a permanent donation station; collecting feminine hygiene products, gently used bras and new underwear for women and children in Central Jersey. 


We always have a high school student (that keep coming back long after high school) or two working at the store.  It is usually their first job and they bring so much to twine.  Shout out to Cailin, Biz, Fennell, Sara and Ethen.  And so important a part of the shop are Fatima and Victor!  We couldn't do it without them all. And of course, without all of our wonderful customers, friends and community we wouldn't be who we are. We love the space we've created and we hope you do too. So stop on by!

you are loved. 

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